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The History of Motivating Our People

Motivating Our People began in the mind of its President J.R. Roman in November 12 1980, when he presented his first seminary: " The Psychology of the Successful Salesman " at the Hotel Condado Plaza in San Juan P.R. During that decade its president was certified by several international organizations in program of organizational development offering programs in the Hispanic market of the USA and Latin America. In October 3 the 1990 begin to operate in Trimming FL. offering conferences and seminaries, supported by a radio program, on the 11Q- 1140AM frequency, every day at 9:00 in the morning, a weekly column every thursday in the ""El Mundo" newspaper and a monthly lunch appointment where community leaders, politicians and industrialists are invited to share ideas and opportunities to motivate our people...

This project served to discover the needs of the Latin community and at the same time to identify the leaders who worked to help to solve the problems of the community. In spite of the enthusiasm that it generated in him, founder J. R. Roman always understood that this was just a time of transition because his dream was to develop seminaries, conferences and training in the continent to develop the human resource of companies, churches, governments and communities.

In the 1997 he becomes a corporation in Puerto Rico to offer services to companies and the extraordinary government after the success of his first book written "Motivating Our People". Using massive means and a TV program called Motivating Our People, he manages to position his project in all the municipalities of P.R.

Today there are thousands of people who testify, that they were able to change the direction of their life, family and their businesses thanks to the resources and tools they received through the programs, seminaries, audio and videos that are presented at Motivating Our People through its president and founder JR Roman.

During years 1994 to the 1999, the publishing house "LIFE" in Miami FL. publishes 6 books of President J. R. Roman, translated to English and Portuguese, distributed in 30 countries in the USA, Latin America and Europe. This allows Mr. Roman, to be invited to many countries of Latin America and cities in the United States reaching thousands of people.

This experience allows Mr. J.R. Roman to deeply understand the crisis of world-wide leadership and the Circle of the Success motivates him to organize several projects among them, "Metamorphosis", programs of personal development, the Academy of Enablers, focused on development of leaders who can heal, educate, motivate and influence their family, community and their country.

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